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Nitride Semiconductor Device Laboratory

80 Daehak-ro, Buk-gu, Kyungpook National University, IT3-302,
702-701 Daegu, Republic of Korea
Tel.: +82-53-940-8655 / Fax: +82-53-950-7489

  Our research goal is focused on developing new electronic devices and circuits based on new semiconductor materials such as III-nitride semiconductors which have wide bandgap and show great potential for high-temperature and high-power, high-frequency device applications.
  Major developments in wide bandgap III-nitride semiconductors have led to the commercial production of high-brightness light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in blue/green/white region, solar blind UV detector, and high speed/power electronic devices such as MESFET and HFET. Nowaday, we are researching for the growth technology of III-nitride materials (GaN, AlN, and InN, etc.) on silicon substrate. The device fabrication related to this technology has many advantages: low cost, large area availability, high electrical and thermal conductivity, and potential application of OEIC by combining the advanced Si processing technology. We are also working on the fabrication of normally-off devices, which is needed for high-power applications such as electric vehicles (EV), due to the simplification of the design of driving circuit and reduction of the power loss during switching. Recently, we are interesting on the vertical power devices, 3-dimensional FinFETs and GaN based inverter/converter IC.