• Mesoscale Modeling

    Experiments with different model resolutions in Korea

    Model simulation of vertical cross-section of wind vectors with satellite images

    Image From KMA.

    Comparison of AWS observed and WRF simulated 1-hr accumulated precipitation using the WSM6 and WDM6 schemes.




    Radar data assimilation(DA) experiments using WRF

    Without DA

    With DA

    AWS precipitation

  • Regional Climate

    Purdue Regional Model (PRM)

    The ICTP Regional Climate Model (RegCM)

    RegCM is a 3-dimensional, sigma-coordinate, primitive equation regional climate model.

    Version 3 of RegCM is the latest. It is developed and supported by scientists inside and outside of PWC/ICTP

    RegCM3 is freely available at here.

    Application of high-resolution regional climate modeling in societal infrastructures using MOS regression equation

    Observed and predicted 2-m air temperatures in 2008. Values are at six-hour time intervals.

    Predicted vs. observed 2-m air temperatures in 2008 (N=1428).