A colourful new just surfaced, and it's driving sneaker fans crazy with excitement! Summer might be fleeing, but that doesn't mean you can't still have colour in your sneaker wardrobe. Jazz up your look for this year's autumn and winter seasons with these unique and colourful Nike shoes.
Bright orange and blue overlays appear on the neutral cream base layer, jazzin' up the whole shoes. You can style these kicks with your daily outfits, as these boots fit perfectly with any look. So, the upcoming Buy Fake Concepts SB Dunk Low Orange Lobster is a staple you must add to your daily rotation. 
You'll be stealin' the show everywhere you go wearing these fun and colourful Swoosh kicks. If you're someone who enjoys looking unique and standing out amongst the crowds, this pair will surely make you stand out! The stunningly bright colour pops are enough to set the shoes apart. 
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